My favorite things (software)

So, what do I use in my office? That’s the question I’m always asked. I have a lot of answers.

My office is managed with Legal Files, a superb case management program I use (after testing 7 others, including many major names). While I like Time Matters, and recommend and support it, Legal Files is still a slight bit better for my needs. It isn’t perfect, however, and I wish it had Time Matters’ “formattable clipboard” and its “Packages” feature, but overall it wins by a nose.

In addition, I use Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 all the time, and Case Map, Time Map and Live Note have become keys to keeping my law practice going and growing. I don’t love Time Slips or Quick Books, but they work, so I’m not changing. I’m also in the process of integrating Hot Docs with both businesses. On the other hand, I still rely on a host of “non-legal” but key programs. Thus, I also use Word, Word Perfect X3 (the best word processor I’ve ever used), Access, and an array of other more common software.

Let’s start a dialogue — What are your favorites? Let me (and everyone else) know.

That should be fun.

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