Sony Litigation Demonstrates Why Adobe Acrobat Training is So Important

In the Sony Playstation litigation, a document was disclosed that was intended to be redacted, but it wasn’t, and lo and behold, everyone can see the numbers, which are presumably confidential.








When Pamela Myers (my co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Acrobat DC) and I reviewed the image, we immediately recognized how it happened. And again, despite our pleas that training is essential, some office or law firm didn’t train their staff properly. The “redactions” on the image result from Adobe Acrobat’s “highlighter” tool instead of its redaction tool. The highlighter creates the rounded edges, and the user appears to have highlighted the text in black with less than 100% opacity. Guess what. That doesn’t seem to work, unfortunately.

If you don’t believe us, look at a document we just created.







Had the user’s firm invested in one hour of training, we or other Acrobat trainers would have shown the redaction tool, and the world wouldn’t be focusing on the incompetence shown here.

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