Don’t Ignore Your Spam Folder

I know, we’re all tired of learning how wonderdrugs can enhance our lives, and make us look and feel like we’re years younger. And, of course, how many lotteries have you won? That’s all that’s ever in our spam folders, right? Wrong.

It’s a good idea to read the periodic summary you are (or should be) receiving of the contents of your spam folder. Why? Because spam filters are not perfect, and sometimes they filter email you actually want.

For instance, in the last week, my spam filter determined that one bill, two new client inquiries and an email from a credit card processing company were spam, plus some other newsletters I actually wanted to receive. If I hadn’t read the daily email I receive listing the contents of the folder, I would have missed these items, and probably lost a new client or two — who would have wrongly assumed I just didn’t bother to respond to their inquiries.

I know that Spam isn’t part of my diet, but reviewing email spam probably should be.

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