Internet Access – Don’t Take it for Granted

The Internet is there, like the air we breathe, right? Wrong. Stuff happens. And then you wait, and twiddle.

This week I learned that lesson. My Internet connection began to slow down, and get slower and slower. So I called Comcast, which is reputed to have excellent customer service for its business customers. They checked my connection, and found nothing wrong. They then promised me that someone would come to my office the following day.

Unfortunately, by the same evening, the Internet connection was dead, and so was my overall ability to communicate (although, Thank God for the Blackberry!). When I called Comcast the next morning (the day of the service call), I was placed into a maze of push this number, then that number, eventually leading to a black hole of “leave your number and someone will call you back.” I’m still waiting.

At 3:30, 30 minutes after the anointed hour, I called Comcast to see where the service person was. A very unconcerned person, who said, “I’m just in a call center,” advised me that my call was scheduled for between 3:30 and 7:30, and he couldn’t do a thing for me — nor did he show the slighest inclination to do anything (except perhaps take a snooze). At 5 o’clock, the repair truck arrived, and two very helpful and pleasant workers quickly discovered that my three month old modem had died. They replaced it, and I was up and running.

The lessons: Comcast business service ain’t so great. Businesses need an alternate way of connecting to the Internet (a Blackberry is OK, but a broadband card would be better).

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