Windows 7 – Part I

It’s here – Windows 7 – the latest, greatest operating system from Microsoft. I’ve upgraded all the PCs at home and in my office. Generally, the transition went smoothly, but not completely. First, if you do an inplace upgrade (from Windows XP to Windows 7), you’ll need the Laplink Upgrade Assistant software. In every instance, it worked well – although some programs (including all media type programs) needed to be re-registered. But overall, the transfer went smoothly. On the other hand, I don’t recommend migrating your programs from an old PC to a new one with Windows 7. The reality is that the migration process is fraught with problems, and you should only migrate documents and settings, not programs. In future posts, I’ll talk about specifics of Windows 7, why it’s an advantage for law firms to make the plunge, and how lawyers can be more efficient just by chaning the operating. In short, it’s like putting a newer engine in a car – it’ll run faster and more efficiently.

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