Attorney & Tech Guru Daniel J. Siegel Helps Pennsylvania Create a Unified E-filing Court System

Attorney Daniel J. Siegel, the founder of the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC and of Integrated Technology Services, LLC, is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Task Force investigating the creation of a statewide electronic filing and retrieval system. In that role, Dan co-chairs a subcommittee that focuses on the technology necessary to create a unified system.
“It is an honor to serve on this Committee,” says Siegel, “as I did when the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas asked me to serve on their working group.
It was especially nice to have President Jay Silverblatt refer to my friend and colleague, Jennifer Ellis, as “two PBA technology ‘gurus.'” Usually, I am called the ‘Geek Lawyer.’ It is a pleasure to help bring a unified system to Pennsylvania.”
In Pennsylvania, every county has a separate electronic filing system, and some counties have no e-filing system for its civil cases. The goal of the Task Force is to recommend a system that would unify all of the counties’ systems and make it far easier for attorneys to track all of their civil cases, regardless of where they are filed.
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