Personal Injury

Punitive damages – you may be entitled to them!

When you are hurt and seek damages in a personal injury lawsuit, you are entitled to receive compensatory damages. The main purpose of these damages is to return you/the injured party to the position you were in before the injury. These damages include wage losses, loss of future income, medical expenses, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering.

Another kind of damages that can be awarded is called punitive damages, which is a financial penalty intended to punish a defendant, not to compensate the victim.… Read the rest

When You Rent a Car, What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

Whether you are on vacation, a business trip, or need a loaner when your car is in for repairs, it still must be insured. But what does that really mean?

Does your car need to have insurance to protect you in case you are in an accident and injure someone or cause property damage? Yes.

Does your car have to have insurance to protect you if you are injured?… Read the rest