Legal Technology Blog Returns

After a roughly nine month hiatus, the  Legal Technology Blog has returned, alive and well. A mix of health issues, a heavy workload, and my campaign for re-election as a Commissioner in Haverford Township (I won re-election by 40 votes), left little time for this blog or my Pennsylvania law blog. But with 2010 here, it’s time for the blogs to return. This blog will continue to comment upon new trends in legal technology, tips to be a more efficient attorney (or support person) and other related topics. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience. Dan Siegel


People are always asking for easy solutions to annoying computer issues. One of them is the proliferation of logins and passwords we have to remember, particularly on the Internet. While I keep a database of all my passwords, I also have an easier solution — the Roboform toolbar. It’s an easy to use plug-in that records (and revises) all of my logins and passwords, and can also fill forms with as much information as I like. There is a free version, but it only stores a limited number of passwords, etc. I bought the full version and it saves me a lot of time. The company’s website is http://www.roboform.com/. Try […]

People — Who Need People

Technology brings to mind computers and solitary work, yet I find that technology allows us to interact more than ever. Sure, handwritten letters are now less common, and it can be difficult convincing our kids (and ourselves) of the importance of thank you notes and other “quaint” notions. Yet, somehow, technology keeps us connected, too. Today I (finally) emailed my first newsletter from Integrated Technology Services, LLC, and was glad to get it done. But what turned out to be the best part? Email from friends and colleagues who received it and just wanted to drop me a note. The notes weren’t very long, but they allowed us to reconnect, something we […]


It’s taken some time to get going, but I’m pleased to announce that Legal Tech Blog is live — and alive. That’s right, or should I say, “that’s write.” Rather than only author periodic columns about technology and the practice of law, which are limited by space (and deadlines), I’m happy to unveil Legal Tech Blog, where I can share my views with others, and learn from them as well. So, join in, have fun, tell me what you think, and let’s enjoy technology together. Dan Siegel

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