Never Read a Paper Deposition or Other Transcript Again

For years I have argued that lawyers who read paper transcripts are “wasting” time. I don’t mean they aren’t working. I mean they could be working better faster, with improved results, merely by using transcript/deposition review software. In my case, I haven’t read a paper transcript since 2001 and my staff is forbidden from doing so.

The problem, however, is that many lawyers were leery of putting down the paper. Then, when one of the legal software giants purchased the industry leader, the best software became very expensive, and was sold on a subscription basis that tied you to the company (literally) forever. Plus, much of the competition was not very good. As of today (March 2, 2009), with the release of Lexis Nexis Text Map 5, lawyers can throw away their highlighters, ditch those sticky notes, and get rid of those legal pads filled with notes they can’t understand right after they write them. Text Map 5 is a relatively inexpensive program that will dramatically improve the efficiency of every litigator. I use it on every case in my office and can’t picture being without it. Plus, thanks to a number of program innovations I personally suggested, Text Map 5 is ideally suited to meet the needs of Pennsylvania attorneys, including workers’ compensation practitioners and other litigators. Text Map 5 boasts a host of innovative features that make it comparable (actually better!) than its well-known and far more expensive competition.Text Map was released today, and is simply one of those products every litigator should use. Click here to read a White Paper explaining how I use Text Map, Case Map and other products in my practice. You can also try it for 30 days for free.Are you interested? If so, give me (Dan  Siegel) a call at 610-446-3467 or send me an email at My office sells and supports Text Map, and I am the author of the upcoming book, The Lawyer’s Guide to Case Map, to be published by the American Bar Association. After all, who better to help you learn the product than the person who is writing the book? 

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