Jargon-Free Software Training for Lawyers & Paralegals – By Lawyers & Paralegals

Software trainers may know about the products they support, but they may not know what you do. Legal software is the perfect example. Trainers often know their products, but couldn’t explain the difference between a pleading, discovery, or a contract, let alone the nuances that are so critical to successful lawyering. We do, we are practicing lawyers and practicing paralegals, who not only speak the language of law, we use it every day. What we don’t use is techno-geek-babble and other terms that trainers often use to show off their product knowledge, while also displaying a disconnect between what they train and their clients.

At Integrated Technology Services, LLC, we train and support a wide range of software used in law offices – and we often have written the book on it. Pamela Myers and Dan Siegel wrote The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Acrobat DC, and Dan Siegel is the author of The Ultimate Guide to LexisNexis CaseMap so users could learn how to use these products, and many more, including Microsoft Office 365, Time Matters, Legal Files, and even software likes Windows 10. We do so avoiding techno-babble.

Don’t take our word for it. Here is the unsolicited comment from a recent CaseMap training session: “I just wanted to offer our sincere thanks to you for Saturday’s session. You have breathed new life into our appreciation of CaseMap. We look forward to working with you in successfully implementing CaseMap into our practice. Please be so kind as to send me your invoice for Saturday’s session…. Thanks again for all of your assistance.”

The key to successful training is understanding the client – we look forward to working with you.

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