You! That’s Why We Are Here in Havertown – In Delco!

Clients ask why I decided to open my office in Havertown 16 years ago. The answer is You – our local clients.

Sure, I hated the commute to Philly. Sure, I probably would make less money than working at a Philly firm, but I took my sons to school every day. But there was another reason.

Like my father, who was the neighborhood dentist, I wanted to be the neighborhood lawyer, helping neighbors, friends and anyone who preferred having a lawyer locally. Thus our slogan, Your Neighbor, Your Lawyer. Last week was a perfect example.

On Tuesday, a client came in to revise the Will we had drafted about five years ago. She had questions, she had a new grandchild and another on the way and wanted to revise her Will to reflect the joys entering her life. We scheduled the appointment, and I met with her, listened to her concerns and desires, asked a few questions of my own, and jotted down what revisions needed to be made. Tuesday was a somewhat slow day here, so instead of having to return another day to sign the new Will, we asked the client to stick around while we made the changes. She did, and in a short time her new Will was done, she signed it and was on her way.

Even better – revising her Will cost the client nothing. That’s right, Zip, Nada, Nothing.

Why? Because of our unique “Pay Once, Revise for Life Estate Planning Program” program. With our “Pay Once, Revise for Life Estate Planning Program,” you only pay a fee once – when you initially draft and sign your estate planning documents. We never charge for revisions, so you can feel comfortable calling us to make changes at any time, and know that the meter won’t be running. And our client was happy not to have to write us a check.

Sure, we still handle serious injury cases, we are preparing a large case for trial right now. And we love helping all of our clients, whether hurt at work and receiving workers’ compensation benefits, hurt in a serious accident that disables them for life, or those of us who just need to make sure the new grandchildren are included in our estates.

That is Why We Are Here – In Havertown, In Delaware County. We are your neighbors, and we are your lawyers. Call us at 610-446-3457.


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