Customer Service

Please, please, please LEARN TO USE EMAIL, Pretty Please

Can we all agree that email has been around for a while? And so has the horrid Reply to All feature. And so has the ability of businesses to just turn off email boxes of employees and not monitor who might be contacting the departed.¬† Have we learned nothing in all the years email has been a part of our lives?… Read the rest

You! That’s Why We Are Here in Havertown – In Delco!

Clients ask why I decided to open my office in Havertown 16 years ago. The answer is You – our local clients.

Sure, I hated the commute to Philly. Sure, I probably would make less money than working at a Philly firm, but I took my sons to school every day. But there was another reason.

Like my father, who was the neighborhood dentist, I wanted to be the neighborhood lawyer, helping neighbors, friends and anyone who preferred having a lawyer locally.… Read the rest

April Windows Update – Helpful – But Save Your Word File

Microsoft released its April update for Windows 10, and it fixes a lot of bugs, 113 of them to be exact – some of which are important. For more information, click here to visit the ZDNet story about the update.

Back Up Your Word File Before Doing the Update

Although we have been unable to confirm this with Microsoft, our office has experienced problems with the update – one in particular: our Microsoft Word… Read the rest

Survey Finds Lawyer Satisfaction With Remote Work – Not Necessarily What We Hear

A National Survey on the New Normal of Working Remotely

A study by the Red Bee Group found that lawyers working remotely were somewhat or very satisfied with the systems in place to allow them to work remotely. That’s not what we are hearing at Integrated Technology Services, LLC, where we hear that many solo and small firm attorneys weren’t ready for the dramatic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its forced closure of firms.… Read the rest

Social Media Matters! And thank you to SEPTA!

Just this morning, I was speaking with an attorney whose firm consults with us about technology. He insisted that social media really wasn’t relevant and that people really don’t pay attention to it. No matter what I said, he simply was in denial mode.

Sorry, but social media matters, and law firms and all businesses need to be aware of its impact and the need to actively use sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.… Read the rest

Windows 7 – Part II – The Good & Atrocious of Customer Service – Dell

Upgrading to Windows 7 can be an adventure if any of your hardware or software has any incompatibility. It’s worse, however, if you order a new computer and it arrives unbeknownst to you with a bad/corrupted installation of Windows 7. Mine did. Windows 7¬†Ultimate began as Windows 7 “the pits.”

So what did I do? I trudged ahead, using repairs, trying to make things work.… Read the rest