Law Office Technology

No. Just Don’t Do. No Googles or Amazons or Siris in A Law Office.


Absolutely not.

Do not do it.

I can’t say it any clearer.

The answer is no.

Don’t do it.

What am I talking about is having Alexa or Google or Siri or any other similar object in your law office.

One attorney I know recently mentioned that it’s very handy to have a Google in his office and that he keeps it there and uses it all the time.… Read the rest

Sony Litigation Demonstrates Why Adobe Acrobat Training is So Important

In the Sony Playstation litigation, a document was disclosed that was intended to be redacted, but it wasn’t, and lo and behold, everyone can see the numbers, which are presumably confidential.








When Pamela Myers (my co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Acrobat DC) and I reviewed the image, we immediately recognized how it happened.… Read the rest

Attorney Daniel J. Siegel Appointed Co-Chair of New Pennsylvania Bar Technology Committee

Attorney Daniel J. Siegel, principal of the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC and founder of technology/workflow consulting firm Integrated Technology Services, LLC, has been appointed Co-Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Technology Committee, a newly-created committee of Pennsylvania’s largest association of attorneys. PBA President Michael McDonald created the Committee to help make good lawyers better. Attorney Jennifer Ellis serves as Co-Chair.… Read the rest