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Havertown Lawyer Daniel J. Siegel to Receive Pennsylvania Bar Association Clarity Award

The Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Plain English Committee will present its 2022 Clarity Award to Daniel J. Siegel, owner of Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel LLC, Havertown, at an awards luncheon during the PBA Annual Meeting, May 11-13 in Hershey.

The award was created by the committee to recognize “those who have done the most to foster plain English in the legal field.”… Read the rest

Why Hire an Appellate Lawyer? Would you want your GP to perform cardiac surgery?

The right lawyer to handle your case and your appeal

The reality is that every lawyer has different skills, just like a surgeon has different aptitudes than a family doctor. Yet many lawyers either choose to handle their own appeals or do not engage an appellate lawyer with the specialized knowledge and experience to avoid the problems (in other words, losses) than can flow from having the wrong lawyer write the wrong brief. … Read the rest

Using the Table of Authorities Builder in Microsoft Word

If you are not using the Table of Authorities builder in Microsoft Word, you should be. Manually creating this table (and managing to keep it updated when changes are made to the brief) is an impossible task. If you are using it, and are having difficulties, like I was today, here are some quick tips:
*Deleting All Table of Authorities Field Codes
I recently worked on a brief that was written with a lot of cutting and pasting from other documents.
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