Survey Finds Lawyer Satisfaction With Remote Work – Not Necessarily What We Hear

A National Survey on the New Normal of Working Remotely

A study by the Red Bee Group found that lawyers working remotely were somewhat or very satisfied with the systems in place to allow them to work remotely. That’s not what we are hearing at Integrated Technology Services, LLC, where we hear that many solo and small firm attorneys weren’t ready for the dramatic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its forced closure of firms.

In particular, lawyers are recognizing that they needed more training to setup and use technology at home.

A lawyer contacted us today because he didn’t understand how to use videoconferencing software he had purchased, but didn’t think he needed to be trained on. He realizes now that an hour of training would have saved him hours of times “figuring things out.”

The Red Bee report, while anecdotal in nature, did reach some conclusions that are consistent with our clients’ beliefs as to best practices when working remotely (but don’t address technology issues):

  1. Set realistic expectations for yourself and others around you.
  2. Specify responsibilities.
  3. Separate work areas and time.
  4. Try to create a daily schedule and routine.
  5. Ask for support.
  6. Connect with clients.
  7. Have Self-Care: Ensure your physical and mental well-being during this enormously stressful and difficult time.
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