Punitive damages – you may be entitled to them!

When you are hurt and seek damages in a personal injury lawsuit, you are entitled to receive compensatory damages. The main purpose of these damages is to return you/the injured party to the position you were in before the injury. These damages include wage losses, loss of future income, medical expenses, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering.

Another kind of damages that can be awarded is called punitive damages, which is a financial penalty intended to punish a defendant, not to compensate the victim.… Read the rest

You! That’s Why We Are Here in Havertown – In Delco!

Clients ask why I decided to open my office in Havertown 16 years ago. The answer is You – our local clients.

Sure, I hated the commute to Philly. Sure, I probably would make less money than working at a Philly firm, but I took my sons to school every day. But there was another reason.

Like my father, who was the neighborhood dentist, I wanted to be the neighborhood lawyer, helping neighbors, friends and anyone who preferred having a lawyer locally.… Read the rest

Make Sure Your Insurance Company Honors Your Policy Terms

Insurance companies make mistakes, and so do insurance agents. But the problem is that if they make a mistake, or if they provide you with insurance that is not what you wanted, you may discover that they will turn down your claims.

That is why you have to make sure that your insurance company provides the coverage that you purchased—whether the policy is for your automobile, your home or your property.… Read the rest

Using the Table of Authorities Builder in Microsoft Word

If you are not using the Table of Authorities builder in Microsoft Word, you should be. Manually creating this table (and managing to keep it updated when changes are made to the brief) is an impossible task. If you are using it, and are having difficulties, like I was today, here are some quick tips:
*Deleting All Table of Authorities Field Codes
I recently worked on a brief that was written with a lot of cutting and pasting from other documents.
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A smoke and a sandwich—you still can get workers’ comp in Pennsylvania!

Courts have long-recognized the “personal comfort doctrine,” which means that if you are injured while on a personal comfort break—such as a smoke or bathroom break—even if you aren’t on your employer’s physical premises, you still may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. A recent Pennsylvania appeals court decision confirms that if you are at work and take a smoke break plus pick up a sandwich at the corner deli, you are still covered.… Read the rest

Really? Software Ignorance Hits a New Low!


How dumb are they?

I can’t say what I’m thinking, I’m in public.

So after you copy and paste it back to word can you print to pdf again and then copy and paste it back to word? HAHA!

These are real quotes, all in response to the Pa. Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s latest “Tip of the Month – Copying and Pasting from PDF to Word Document,” an email whose number one piece of advice is so wrong and so… this is mixed company so I won’t say.… Read the rest

When You Rent a Car, What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

Whether you are on vacation, a business trip, or need a loaner when your car is in for repairs, it still must be insured. But what does that really mean?

Does your car need to have insurance to protect you in case you are in an accident and injure someone or cause property damage? Yes.

Does your car have to have insurance to protect you if you are injured?… Read the rest

Who Owns Your Digital Life When You Are Gone?

By now, we all know that we need secure passwords when we are online whether we’re shopping on Amazon, logging into our bank accounts, or signing onto Instagram. But have you ever thought about what happens to all of that data after you die? Most people haven’t, but they should. Leaving any form of web presence after you are gone without having a plan for those electronic assets can cause unnecessary cost and stress for those you leave behind.… Read the rest

Technological Incompetence – It’s Scary

Last night I lectured to the Barbieri Inn of Court – a specialty group of lawyers in the Philadelphia area who primarily handle workers’ compensation cases – about the requirement that lawyers be technologically competent. I discussed everything from cellphone security to ransomware.

But today I realized that for some lawyers the bar for technological competence is much, much lower, perhaps below ground level.… Read the rest

NSA Report Offers Practical, Plain Language Guidance About Securing VOIP Systems

The NSA has released a cybersecurity report on how to better secure Voice and Video Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems. These systems allows you to make calls using an Internet connection rather than a regular phone line and combine voice, video, and instant messaging.

The report is helpful and provides easy-to-understand guidance on how to protect these communications from vulnerabilities and hackers and limit the risk to data confidentiality.… Read the rest