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Paperless Office

I’m just finished lecturing about “How to Go Paperless” for PBI in Philadelphia with attorneys Rachel Branson, Walter Robinson and Twanda Turner-Hawkins. I demonstrated the various software we support and use. Most positive was the very good attendance, with about 35 people at the program. More and more, lawyers are beginning to recognize the need to reduce their reliance on paper, and the need to focus more on how technology makes them more efficient. We’ll be reprising the seminar next week in Pittsburgh on April 29th. Key discussion points today were backups, restoring backups, security and encryption and social media privacy information.

Legal Tech Thoughts

Today, my associate, Molly Barker Gilligan, Esquire, and I made our annual pilgrimage to Legal Tech, the mammoth legal technology trade show in New York. What a difference year makes. Crowds – last year they were relatively sparse, today the aisles were filled with people. Liveliness – last year the attendees seemed quiet and reluctant to engage the vendors, today, was the opposite. It’s clearly a sign that, at least for some in the legal industry, the times are changing. What also remains a shock is how many e-discovery vendors there are, and how they can all possibly stay in business, and thrive. For us, at Integrated Technology Services, LLC, it was an […]

Legal Technology Blog Returns

After a roughly nine month hiatus, the  Legal Technology Blog has returned, alive and well. A mix of health issues, a heavy workload, and my campaign for re-election as a Commissioner in Haverford Township (I won re-election by 40 votes), left little time for this blog or my Pennsylvania law blog. But with 2010 here, it’s time for the blogs to return. This blog will continue to comment upon new trends in legal technology, tips to be a more efficient attorney (or support person) and other related topics. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience. Dan Siegel

Ahh, the No Asshole Rule

A few years ago, I reviewed a book, The No Asshole Rule, for The Philadelphia Lawyer, the Philadelphia Bar Association magazine. Written by Robert Sutton, a Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, the premise of the book is that no business should hire, tolerate or perpetuate the employment of “certified assholes,” people who are assholes all the time. In my review, I wrote (regretfully “tongue in cheek”) that “We are simply blessed that there are no assholes in our legal community and certainly none who fit the moniker of a “certified asshole.” Consequently, Sutton’s premise – that businesses are more productive, more profitable and have a better […]

Never Read a Paper Deposition or Other Transcript Again

For years I have argued that lawyers who read paper transcripts are “wasting” time. I don’t mean they aren’t working. I mean they could be working better faster, with improved results, merely by using transcript/deposition review software. In my case, I haven’t read a paper transcript since 2001 and my staff is forbidden from doing so. The problem, however, is that many lawyers were leery of putting down the paper. Then, when one of the legal software giants purchased the industry leader, the best software became very expensive, and was sold on a subscription basis that tied you to the company (literally) forever. Plus, much of the competition was not very good. […]

People – Follow Your Gut

My father was a gentle man who understood people. He had an ability to immediately sense who was good, who was trouble, and who to “be careful” with. And he always encouraged me to follow my instincts. He was right, and I only wish I had followed his advice a little more closely recently. I’ve instead learned two lessons, both people- and business-related. First, if you’ve had prior dealings with someone and they weren’t positive, don’t have more. An attorney came to me for some technological services. I had been involved in a case with him a few years ago; his client was reprehensible, but so were some of his […]

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